I started this blog  about 6 years ago now when I started teaching within an intensive English centre designed to prepare new migrants and refugees to integrate within the mainstream Australian system. These students were coming into the system with no knowledge of English. In the last two years or so, I’ve moved on to taking these students into the mainstream school system. My thirty years of experience teaching the O’levels in Singapore have now come in more useful.

In Singapore, perhaps because standards were quite high, I never saw myself as an ESL teacher. Here, I have grown impassioned with the need to champion for my students’ needs.  Too many decisions are made without due consideration of what these learners require. There is too little conversation about their needs.

Through this blog I hope to clarify my thoughts on what it is to teach the ESL learner. Through my experiences I hope to provide a window for others who may also be in the same position.


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